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Black Comic Book Day 2011:

NYC Comic Con 2011:

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ECBACC 2012:

Bronx Heroes Comic Con 2012 Women in Comics Panel:

NYC Comic Con 2012:

The Bronx Free Press 3/13/13: Living in Sequence Exhibition Coverage:

WBAI Radio- Women in the Making 7/10/2013:

The Cinema Couch @ Super Heroes Con 2013:

Pod Cast- Geek Soul Brother: After Dark SEXISM IN GEEKDOM  8/1/2013:

Pod Cast- Back to the Pod 8/16/2013:

Bronx Heroes Comic Con 2013 Women in Comics Panel:

Women in Comics Exhibit Interview @Poe Park 2013:

Women in Comics Panel Discussion Part 1 @ Poe Park 2013:

Women in Comics Panel Discussion Part 2 @ Poe Park:

Vitamin W Interview 2013- ‘Girl -Friendly Comics that are Tearing Down Old School Attitudes’ :

SugarCayne.Com Interview @ NYCC 2013:

Invisible Universe Documentary Excerpt @ NYCC 2013:

The Cinema Couch @ The Urban Action Showcase 2013: ?

Black Comic Book Day Festival 2014:

Black Comic Book Day Festival 2014, SugarCayne.Com:

January 2014: Post Racial Times- Black Women in Comics Panel at The Black Comic Book Day Festival

?Comic Books Should Be Good ‘The Rippers 1 & 2 Review February 2014:

Women of Color in Comics: Gender, Race and the Comic Book Medium Panel at NYCC 2014 Coverage:

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Crazy Al & Sugarcayne.Com NYCC 2014 Coverage:

Black Comic Book Festival 2015: ‘Eating Vampires’ Debut, interview via Toymasters

Comic Book Resources ‘Eating Vampires #1’ Review:

Bronx Book Festival Coverage 5/2015:

The Black Tribbles Podcast 8/28/2015:

AFROPUNK 9/11/15:

The MarySue 9/2015:

Graveyard Shift Sisters Interview 10/2015:

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Show 10/11/15:

Shondaland Interview 6/29/18:

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Comic Book Resources Women in Comics/Black Women in Comics Article Series, 2015-2016:

Freelancers Union- Women in Comics Stand Together for Fair Payment 10/2016 :

Time Magazine- The History of Black Women in Comics is More Complicated than You Think 4/2018:

Marvel Comics – Marvels Voices: Growing Up Marvel