Lockett Down Productions Creating Comic Books For the Next Millennium


Lockett Down Productions is a small press comic book company that publishes cutting edge Sci-Fi and Horror Comics such as The Rippers, Ice Witch, and Eating Vampires. It is owned by Writer and Publisher Regine L. Sawyer, She is also the Coordinator and Founder of the Women in Comics Collective International; an organization that focuses on the merit and craft work of Women and Non-binary people working in the comic book industry. They host events across the country such as Art Shows, Workshops, Panel Discussions and their own convention, Women in Comics Con. In addition, Regine has written several articles on Race and Gender in Comics for Graphic Policy, The Freelancer’s Union, Comic Book Resources and Time Magazine. Currently, she is a Creator-in-Residence at Kickstarter, working on campaigns that will be coming out in late 2019.