Getting There

2020 opened up with a bang, didn’t it? 

So much is going on in the world…I don’t even know where to begin. But I’ll start with the good stuff. February is turning out to be quite a busy month for me. Somehow, some way I found myself in the pages of a Marvel Book and on the Marvel website. What a way to begin the year! I was asked to write an essay for Marvel Voices- a Podcast and a Comic Book Anthology of the same name. For the month of February, the book will celebrate the voices of Black Comic Book Creators and Enthusiasts through, both sequential storytelling and essays. It will include excerpts from essays, while the Marvel website will host the full pieces. To say the least, I’m excited! Marvel Comics, specifically the X-Men line of books, is directly responsible for my initial desire to write comics. It’s a childhood dream come true. I’ll be doing some signings, along with other contributors, the week of February 16th and I’m just over the moon about it. You can check out my essay here:  Growing Up Marvel

That’s not the only thing happening that week. LDP is launching our very first Kickstarter Campaign on February 17th! In cooperation with Xmoor Studios President Niya Garrett, we are Relaunching the brand by reprinting their entire library of books. Starting with their Flagship Series GALTOW. It’s a bittersweet thing. Robert Garrett, Xmoor’s Writer/Creator/Publisher was a great friend and an amazing colleague. His passing last year was a shock to the system of the Black Comic Book Community. He was a literal lifeline, gone way too soon. This Kickstarter, and the others to follow, is a love letter to him and his brand. It’s a reminder of what the mind of a creative person can do; which is anything. 

The Kickstarter campaign’s purpose is to  get the Original Galtow Trade paperback reprinted and back into circulation. We have some awesome rewards for Backers, that I think they will love and as well as encourage anticipation for the next Kickstarter rollout. We also are happy to say that Eric Nocella Diaz, Xmoor

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