I’m Blogging…..Watch Out World, Here I Come

Soooooooo…..I decided to resume blogging. It’s been a long time since I posted last, over three years actually. But I was inspired a few days ago thanks to a few Geek-Girl bloggers that I follow on Twitter. It has become quite clear over the past year that the blogosphere has become a place of trepidation for female bloggers, particularly those in the realm of Geek Culture.  Nevertheless, here I am entering the fray with open arms.

I have many opinions about Gender and Geek Culture and I will voice them from time to time but this blog will mostly be about my adventures in Comic Book Publishing, being ‘Geek-Chic’, and the writing/ creating process of my two comic book series “The Rippers” and “Ice Witch”. I also have an illustrated novel debuting in 2013 titled “Eating Vampires”; I’ll be talking your ear off about that one too!

Let me make one thing painfully clear: This is a peaceful place, opinions are welcome, but keep it polite; meaning: ‘Don’t Start any stuff, There won’t be any stuff’. Trolls will be banned quicker than you can say goodbye….I’m not a wallflower and don’t plan on turning into one anytime soon….Passive Aggression is not my strongest suite….I’m a native New Yorker after all 🙂

With that said I’m excited about blogging again and look forward to taking you all on the journey with me!


Your Friendly, Neighborhood Writer,