Wolverine, Tank Tops, and Twitter

I saw Wolverine last night…..yes, yes I’m one of the lame-O’s that decided to actually see it first hand in the theatre instead of downloading the leak last month. But It was worth it. I don’t know about anyone else, but I really enjoyed it. Although I’m one of those X-Men human encyclopedias that knows all about this one and that one’s history, I don’t mind if certain things are not true to the book. Not everyone reads it, so the screen writers are at liberty to tweak things here and there so that everyone understands and that the fanboys aren’t going ape crazy over the possible bastardization of their favorite book. But oh well, you can’t satisfy everyone.

A few updates about The Rippers:

1. The first Issue will be hitting stores and the web in a couple of weeks! **Doing my Happy Dance**, I’ll have an exact date in a few days.

2. To celebrate the first issue and to kick off the summer, Lockett Down will be rolling out a new line of T-Shirts and Tank Tops!!!!! Check out our website for more details.

3. On Saturday May 16th, I’ll have a table at ECBACC, the East Coast Black Age of Comic Book Creators in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Crown Plaza Hotel. So if anyone is planning to be in the area, please feel free to stop by and say hi!

I just joined Twitter….after months and months of avoiding it mind you….but I have to say that the site is adorable. Little birds flittering around ever where, it’s cute and pretty easy to navigate. If anyone wants to “Tweet” my way, hit me up at www.twitter.com/lockettdown.

Your Friendly, (Twittering), Neighborhood Writer,


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